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About us

The company SCHULER-DENTAL has stood for quality and innovation in the dental sector since more than 60 years and is one of the leading premium manufacturers of dental technology products in Europe.

SCHULER-DENTAL offers a complete range of waxes for all applications in the dental laboratory. In our own facilities we develop and produce laboratory units such as plaster trimmers, vibrators and others. We also offer a complete range of wax processing equipment and instruments, galvanic units for making and polishing gold onlays and inlays, and polymerising units.

A further important area of our business is our own production of chemical products such as duplicating material, dip hardener, die spacers, isolation, electrolytes and more. Our wide range of expendable materials, instruments and aids completes our product range.

Products and services


  • Crown- and Bridge Technique
  • Co-Cr Casting
  • Special Waxes
  • Wax Wires
  • Casting Sprues
  • Acrylics
  • Waxes for Press-Ceramic
  • CAD/CAM Waxes
  • Diagnostic Waxes for Wax-Ups

Performed wax patterns:

  • Wax Facets as per Michel Magne for Wax-Ups, MK-VARIO, rp-skabets (the original)


  • Wax-Units
  • Vibrators
  • Electrolytic Polishing Units
  • Plaster Trimmers
  • Acrylic Prosthetics Units
  • Gilding Units


  • Crown- and Bridge Remover
  • Modelling Instruments for Wax and Ceramics
  • Plaster-Knife
  • Carver-Le-Cron
  • Wax-Knife
  • Feeler Tweezer


  • Blow-Out-Nozzle
  • Saw-Blades
  • Model-Saw-Bow
  • Articulator
  • Brass flask
  • Magnet for Split Systems
  • Ceramic Brushes Synthetic & Natural
  • Painting-Palettes
  • Mixing-Cups


  • Abrasive-Powders
  • Muffle Fleece
  • Duplicating Material
  • Dipping Hardener
  • Electropolishing Solution
  • Isolation
  • Retention-Beads and Glue
  • Die-spacer
  • Glueing-Resin
  • Rapid-Glue
  • Cutting-Discs
  • Corundum-Paper and Linen
  • Polishing-Pastes


S-U-DIAGNOSTIC-WAXES are special waxes for wax-ups. They have excellent modelling and carving properties and are also ideal for temporary veneers of secondary telescopes.
The S-U-DIAGNOSTICWAXES-O transparent, white and dentin A3 are purely organic and burn without leaving residues, so they are suitable for all-ceramics.
The opaque and inorganic S-U-DIAGNOSTICWAXES-A intensive-white and dentin A2 also cover metal scaffolding well.



These waxes are the purest special waxes for press-ceramics.
Finest filtration of the used raw materials, so they become absolutely pure. Organic components only. Most effectively composed properties for press-ceramics and immediate recognition of secondary contamination.
Featuring S-U-CERAMO-GROUND-WAX, apricot, a cervical wax;
S-U-CERAMO-CARVING-WAX, ice blue, a modelling wax with low contraction;
S-U-CERAMO-CAPS-WAX, orange, a dipping wax and
S-U-CERAMO-WAX-WIRE, light green.



Available in sticks and pellets. For creating coping with even wall thickness by the dipping method. Guaranteed the best fitting accuracy for the casting. Preventing accidental deformation due to high solidity of the wax, approx. 30 seconds after dipping. With an immersion time of one second, a wall thickness of approximately 0,4 mm is achieved. The dark brown colouration of S-U-DIPPING-WAX brown enhances the contrast effect and facilitates controlling the minimum thickness of the wax object.

News & Innovations

Novelties 2017 

This year we have several program expansions to announce:

  • Our further developed, extremely sleek S-U-WAX-WIRE. Leaving a nearly even surface in the investment material, which during casting prevents investment material pieces to be carried away. Simultaneously a high flowing speed of the casting is guaranteed.
  • The resumption of the popular S-U-FLASK-CLAMPS made of V2A stainless steel in three sizes – now even more robust.
  • The creation of the S-U-MODELLING-WAXES C+B organic in brilliant green, brilliant yellow and grey. Suitable for a special waxing up technique, with a high surface density, low contraction, improved flowing and carving properties. They burn without leaving any residues.
  • Adding also to the model cast technique area: S-U-JOINING-WAX maritime blue, featuring a pleasant colouration for the eye.
  • The combination of new wax sample sets, for testing and application of different techniques.


Johannesstr. 6–8
89081 Ulm

Phone: +49 731 927720
Fax: +49 731 9277249

Daniela Meerroth
Export Manager
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