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Micro/Bevel - Sonic tips for micropreparation

In conservative dentistry, top priority is given to the preservation of natural hard tooth substance. The basic concept of minimally invasive dentistry has, therefore, inevitably resulted in new demands on the design of instruments. Komet now offers a range of sonic tips for the minimally invasive treatment of incipient caries. Conventional instruments poses a risk of eliminating too much tooth substance, particularly in the interproximal region where damage to adjacent teeth often cannot be prevented. This is where the micro tips come into play. Their small, delicate working parts were specially designed for the preparation of tiny and hard-to-reach lesions. The user can choose between a small (016) and big (024) hemisphere. The tips are suitable for occlusal and lateral access to the cavity. The Bevel tips are intended for beveling the margins with an angle of 45°. Available in mesial and distal versions, all tips are coated on one side only to prevent damage to the adjacent tooth.

Exhibitor: Komet Dental - Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG

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